Enjoy Panache's Special Vibrational Transformation Session
(This Session is ONLY Available Here w/Darius)
It is Raw and Uncut:
" I feel buzzing and I can feel the light..i seem to be brighter in light... thanks Darius and Panache! "
- Trent, Pittsburg
" Wow! Panache is intuitive. He spoke exactly what I just said as soon as I pressed send! Love it! Love to Panache and to you Darius! "
- Shannon
" I am feeling deep strong chills that are going deep down into my spine. Major shifts are happening in me right now. Thank you!! "
- Leisa in Los Angeles
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" This show is the best yet!!! Panache talked about everything. If we really absorb what he said then we can say that we have ascended. Thank you so much for this wonderful show!!! You are a balm for my soul. "
- Paula in Los Altos
"Thank You ! Thank You ! Thank You ! ! ! ! ! "
- Pixie in Independence, Louisiana
"I can't believe the synchronicity of this!!! Panache has shed light on the exact issue that has been plaguing me so intensely today. "
- Paula in Los Altos
"THANK YOU, Panache, for reminding me that I'm perfect as I am and that I don't need to cleanse and clear any more. What a relief! "
- Karen in N. Fort Myers

Panache Desai Special Offer
ALIGN with Earth’s Elevating Frequencies, ATTUNE to Your Evolutionary Impulse, ASCEND into the Heart of Your Divine Luminosity!
Includes 8 Chapters – Over 5 Hours of Innovative Programming

This all new Ascension Series is a comprehensive and innovative program created especially for You Wealth Revolution Ascension 2012 to guide your path through one of the greatest transitions that any human being can go through – the full embodiment of your potential in a human body.

Retail Value of Entire Package: $630
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(Consists of Digital Mp3s for immediate download)

Panache’s inspirational teachings and tools are encoded with the highest vibrational resonance to elevate your frequency and support you in accelerating your evolution by transmuting your density and aligning you with your higher resonance and infinite potential.

You are important, you matter. You are facilitating the evolution of our Universe and are so much more than you’ve ever been told.

This evolutionary wake-up call is one that you asked to receive a long time ago and contemporary visionary and vibrational catalyst Panache Desai is your messenger. He will vibrationally reconnect you to your full potential so that you may harness all of life’s experiences as well as the higher frequencies now available as amazing catalysts for your growth and Ascension.

Panache’s Recordings are Encoded with the Highest Vibrational Resonance of Divine Love and Ancient Sacred Tones to Activate:

  • Deeper Awareness, Acceptance, and Allowance of Your Being
  • Ability to Align, Attune, and Ascend with the New Earth Energies
  • Inner Resolution and the Dissipation of Vibrational Density
  • Personal Empowerment Moving You from Victim to Victor
  • Vibrational Harmony and Expansion as You Elevate Your Frequency
  • Transformation from Limited to Limitless Potential
  • Preparation of Your Cells and Repair of Your DNA
  • Full Embodiment of Your Divine, Luminous Nature

This package delivers a comprehensive, leading edge, vibrational approach to all levels of your ascension and evolution.

Introducing Your Powerhouse Ascension Suite

Align. Attune. Ascend: Accelerating Your Evolutionary Potential is your divine appointment with your unfolding evolutionary magnificence and sets the vibrational stage for a supportive acceleration to your Ascension. Panache truly has your back in every dimension with this eight-part vibrational solution created to empower your participation in the biggest planetary shift that humanity has ever experienced. Vibrate at a resonance that is so high that you are no longer impacted by the densities that have kept you away from what you truly desire. It's time to make the quantum leap into another dimension of being, one that allows you to live your purpose and fulfill your destiny! Are you ready to help lead your species into a higher harmonic where everyone will again express their extraordinary luminous nature? Are you the one that the world has been waiting for?

“It’s time to go on a journey into the heart of all creation to embody the highest set point and to come into alignment with your infinite potential.”
- Panache

What People Are Saying:

"Well, this was a helluva kick-off to YWR2013! You guys are the BEST. Love this, love you, thank you. So much."
- Lisa in Paris.
"Been doing this program since last show with Panache and can testify this program is every thing Panache says it is. I've moved through so much in such a short time. I am actually seeing who I am, Loving who I am, loving just being me! Such gratitude to you and Panache for bringing us this wonderful program."
- Diana in Kansas City
"This show is the best yet!!! Panache talked about everything. If we really absorb what he said then we can say that we have ascended. Thank you so much for this wonderful show!!! You are a balm for my soul."
- Paula in Los Altos
"WOW Panache is powerful. Just him talking and I'm feeling the power. I can feel the vibration coming through."
- Trent in Pennsylvania
"Amazingly powerful, enlightening, inspiring and transformational!! Thank you!"
- Jeryl in Lavallette
"Thank you Panache, Thank you Darius for reminding us how Big, how magnificent we are!"
- Doreene in Los Angeles
" Thank you so much! I feel the oneness! "
- Janice Duncan in Sacramento
"Thank you Panache so good to be with You today!! Felt your Divine self before You got online today. Blessings to u and Your darling family. "
- Eva, Albq
"Thank you so much Darius and Panache for the call. I admire you both so much for being so brave to share yourselves with our beautiful planet. Thank you for being so loving! with great appreciation and love "
- Zoya in Turlock
"My roommate and I are both listening here and vibrating like crazy. She has had an out of body experience already and I am feeling like I am about to shoot out the top of my head... wow, amazing feelings here!! "
- Jules Yaklin, Texas
Panache has a powerful special offer for us, which includes:
  • Unlocking Genetic Potential and Luminous Nature (Mp3)
  • Daily Ascension Alignment (Mp3)
  • Nighttime Ascension Entrainment (Mp3)
  • 7 Daily Vibrational Attunements (Mp3)


And so much more - including a Bonus of Panache's New Year's message!

This package is valued at $630
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