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Bridge to 5th Dimension: Merging Science, Technology and Spirituality to Redefine Your Existence
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Blessing and much love Mashhur and Darius. Thank you so much - this is absolutely gracious!
I feel free of all fear...THANK YOU!!! BLESSINGS TO BOTH OF YOU!!!!
-Shafin in Toronto
Quite an amazing session today! I feel the rings of harmony almost viscerally in me and all my bodies. A deep and permanent serenity has come over me. Everything seems clear to me now and I am ready for the ascension. Great thanks Mashhur & Darius! A thousand blessings to everyone!!!
I feel light headed is this because of the energy. It’s like it’s gradually happening. Like the energy is seeping in.
-Daphne in New York City
Yesterday I asked the Universe for the next step - and here it is! Thank you SO much Mashhur. And thank you Darius for allowing this to happen :)
-Sara in Madison
I accept the Rings of Harmony...Thank you Thank you!!!! I feel the healing begin...
-Shelley in Santa Cruz
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Finally something that works!
-Bobb in Texas
Brent... I have my house in order. Have used your program. I AM IN working for the Planet when you are ready. I am so excited that my life of healing is moving on to greater work.
-Alessandra in Australia
I had both blocks on love-now I am crying from this release! I am amazed. Thank you, Darius and Brent. I am transformed and a believer in the changes happening. Happy eclipse day!
-Jennifer in Boise
I AM IN! I completely agree with what you are saying and I believe I am to be part of the future!
-Claire in Liverpool
-Milton in South Portland, Maine
You are speaking what I feel! First get your house in order and then go out to the world!
-Lukas in the Czech Republic
WHOA! This is WILD!!!!!!
Thanks that was awesome!
-Diane in Devon, UK
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Your Ascension Tool Kit for A Life Beyond Belief!
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Rikka`s energy is so much more than before, and I can feel her shifting my vibration along with her, thankyou with all my heart xxx
-Kay in Brighton, UK
She has jumped a bridge this last year..always was a blessing...now an amazing light and good mischief!
-Gabrielle in Montalcino
A EuRikka experience!
-R in Chicago
Darius. I have listened to you and Rikka for years... This call was a.MAZING!!! Thank you BOTH. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX
I got so much energy moving in me right now,i'm buzzing and ready to go tackle a whole football team!
-Trent in Pennsylvania
Wow, I am crying, laughing and my heart is wide open! Thank you Rikka!
-Sonja in Sweden
Rikka has prepared for us her"Life Beyond Belief" Ascension Toolkit, which includes:
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  • Ascending into Abundance and Wealth Beyond Belief
  • Bringing Your Ascended Body into Being
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2012: The Divine Shift of Ascension
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Thank you Troika! The energy was huge and wonderful.
-Paula in Los Altos
Wow! I could here my heart beating and the crown of my head opening. Thank you so much Darius and Troika. I love you all. Peace and Blessing the World. We are divine Love!
-Sonya in West Covina
Wow I saw a pink rose in the flame of my heart!
-Colleen in Virginia Beach
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I am grateful for the Violet Flame exercise. Bless you!
-Milton in South Portland, Maine
My heart is racing as I listen … Thank u for helping us thru this process.
-Joy in Glenn Heights, Texas
When I looked inside my heart it felt like a warm, cozy cocoon … safe and peaceful..Thank you for this beautiful yet simple exercise to reconnect to myself…
-Rose in Chicago
Troika's Special Offer includes:
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  • Saint Germain and the Violet Flame for Transformation (Mp3)
  • Violet Flame Invocation (Mp3)
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Beyond Ascension-- What if You Could Create Paradise Here on Earth Now?
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WOW!!!! Massive energy moving out of my body. I am DEEp breathing, twitching all over the place and burping (sorry...). Dr. Dain is amazing!!!
-Diane in Portugal
That brought me to tears to realize my true power and why I'm here.
-Edith in Santa Clara
Ooooh You're doing a clearing right at the time of the new moon eclipse. eclipse = assemblage point shifts (an assemblage point is the position of the bundle of patterns from which we create the hologram of life). THANKS!
-Sheila in Santa Fe
The energy feels incredible I have chills and tingles in my hands I feel amazing! Thank you thank you!! ^_^
-Mike in Columbus
Something left my body and I felt totally objective and calm.
-Paula in Los Altos
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Pre-Requisite: Understand your God Code and Manifest From a Place of Power
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I personally spent time time with Joanne and it was the most 'eye' opening experience ever…I’ll be getting this for my boys!
Yes I agree, was priceless!!! So much to do and learn about me!
Looking forward to the year and new beginnings too!!!
Intense !!!! WoW !! I just got overwhelmed by Earth energy !!!
Tears of happiness!!!
Thank you soooo much!!! I am so grateful for the opportunity.
-Diane in Portugal
Joanne has an amazing special offer for us, which includes:
  • A personal growth basic chart for your birthname
  • 30-minute recorded personal reading/consultation
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The Ascension Accelerator: Energy Mastery & How to Manifest your Ascended Self
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This call tops phenomenal! Wow!!!
-Paula in Los Altos
Jared has the most potent egoless simple—non-convoluted system and healing of all the presenters FOR SURE!
wow feeling a sweet warm hug!!! love love love! What a beautiful divine timing !! Thank you for this connected moment in golden light <3
-Emilie in St. Raphael
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom. ;)
-Tamara in Oceanside
He is so genuine! I love listening to him... I have his programs too and I love them!
-Kathy in Mukilteo
My body is totalling vibrating with Jarrad's call - WOW, he is amazing!
Beautiful, beautiful experience. So generous. So melty-clean. So huge and true. Your sincere desire to share and connect is precious. Every bit of pain you felt earlier in your life has turned in a gift flower for everyone you touch. Thank you so much.
-Kris in Janesville
After the process, everything within and without is so much freer, lighter - Truer.
-Blaze in Lancaster
Jarrad has two Special Offers for us:
    Package A includes:
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  • Eliminating Genetic Beliefs
  • Clear Your Limiting Core Beliefs
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Being Limitless in 2013
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Thank you Mas! This is so incredible. Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging us.
-Paula in Los Altos
I feel like I can breathe more freely as if whatever was choking me let go. Thank you Mas!
-John in Valencia, Spain
Mas is the best, I have worked a lot with him and there is no one that compares to him. Mas is so good and truly cares.
-Karen in Amana
Thanks!!! Mas is still working on me. I can feel a lot of energy in my Heart area!!
-Wilma Marie in Ottawa
When Mas was talking to me the tears came and I felt heat in the back of my neck. My solar plexus also feels intense energy now! Wow, this is incredible! Thanks so much Mas, much Love!
-Tracy in Halifax
About a month ago I talked to Mas, he cleared some energy around financial issues and THE NEXT DAY someone gave me more than the $$ I needed without me asking for it. I used some of that $ to buy Mas' 21 day medi-healing and have worked with him since. I feel better than ever… THANK YOU!
-ElizaBeth in Little Rock
Mas Sajady has a wonderful offer for us, which includes:
  • 21 Day Medihealing Intensive with Mas
  • Remote Group Healing
  • Live Audio workshop

  • and More
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RAPID FIRE AWAKENING: Learn to Create and Manifest the Frequencies of YOUR Divine Destiny
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Despite Sandy's ravages and my isolation on the 51st floor of an apartment in Manhattan with no heat or hot water, I am feeling so euphoric! Many thanks…
-Alma in New York
Dr. Kimberly McGeorge is a wonderful friend & awesome person. I call her The Best Female In Her Field. She has given me hope for amazing and bright future full of happiness & a strong family I always dreamed of. xo
-Kelly from Prospect, Connecticut
Dr. Kimberly's so powerful, she's knocking out the technology already! :-) I'm so excited she's here today!
Dearest Kimberly. I have your Mp3's and they rock. My frequency has definitely been raised… Thank you!
-Justine in New Zealand
Package A includes:
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  • Heart Dimension Activation (Mp3)
  • Wealth, Money and Abundance (Mp3)
  • Secrets to Love (Mp3)

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Package B includes everything in Package A, PLUS:
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